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Welcome to!  Our business seeks to appeal to your tastes and preferences for top quality, sustainable and authentic Nepali goods.  We sell both wholesale items and items that can be individuallly purchased.  Every product is hand-crafted by local Nepalese communities supporting sustainable measures, empowering and employing locally skilled Nepali craftsmen and women.  Our business is child-labor free.   Our aim is to preserve cultural skills and identities through products that are individually hand-crafted.  Our business supports rural and urban low-income families, including families that were ultimately devastated by the 2015 earthquakes.   Our high-quality pashmina (cashmere) scarves are hand-spun with wool from the under-fleece of the Himalayan goat.  It is markedly known for its incredibly soft texture and an encapsulating warmth, which keeps out winter chills.  There is no silk added to these scarves and they are strictly pashmina.


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